Fire Damaged Contents

Dealing with a fire is a traumatic event. Your clothes is damaged, your home is full of soot, and your furniture is affected. Recovering from fire damage is a process that needs to be dealt with slowly and precisely.



Secure your property


Inspect & document

      Environmental Testing


Personal Property cleaning
      & Restoration





Fire damage can originate from different sources such as: wild fires, structural fires, dryer fires, cooking fires, cigarettes.


There are different types of fires and smoke damage. Smoldering is a slow, low-temperature, flameless form of combustion, sustained by the heat evolved when oxygen directly attaches to surface of a condensed-phase fuel. Flaming involves the rapid oxidation of fuel with associated flame, heat, and light.


Restoration - different removal methods are used depending on the severity of the fire. Contacting a certified professional fire damage restoration specialist is often regarded as the safest way to restore smoke damage.


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